Inspired by the events of the current COVID-19 pandemic, I began to photograph the emptiness of our neighborhood and how this condition has impacted our family’s life. The world we knew, our habits, our social life, all have changed in one day. We have found ourselves reclused into our homes with no contact with the outside world. Outside all was quiet, and while spring was approaching the only colors we could enjoy were within our home.
As everything moved to virtual spaces, we had to adjust ourselves to new routines: no school, working remotely from home and no physical contact with the outside world. We lost our freedom. We felt protected only inside our home, wearing masks or by practicing social distancing, feeling safe only within our bubbles. From here I started to photograph my family and our surroundings through a glass. The images try to represent our life as we imagined them from within a bubble, which is the only thing that may keep us safe.
Will this become our new normal?
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