Simone Brogini is a Photographer and an Architect native of Firenze Italy, where he lived for 30 years. He now lives with his family in Arlington, MA. He discovered photography at a young age when he started documenting the world around him through family trips mostly focusing on landscapes and cityscapes. 
Simone graduated at the University of Florence earning a Master in Architecture. During these years, admiring the city of the Medici, his interest in photography and architecture blended together bringing Simone’s work to mostly focus on interior and exterior representation of buildings and cityscapes. 
Simone’s passion for traveling has allowed him to build a travel portfolio that includes cityscapes, landscapes and wildlife. Portraiture photography and working with natural and artificial lights, is another aspect of his profession as a photographer.
To further develop his artistic view and improve his visual expression, Simone attended the Atelier 32 at the Griffin Museum of Photography.