"The Best Camera Is The One That's With You" Chase Jarvis said when he reimagined, examined, and redefined the intersection of art and popular culture through images shot with an iPhone. This project is inspired by the concept of utilizing an iPhone 4 for shooting and processing the images through the Hipstamatic mobile app.
Being an architect by training, I have always been fascinated by old abandoned industrial buildings like this dismissed factory in Sayre, PA. As photographs are all about stories and moments, taking snapshots through the day representing a trip, a work assignment, or simply a day to day routine, is an expression of the photographer's experience, vision, and feeling of the world in those specific moments.
The snapshots in this gallery represent this concept in a day work trip to the original railroad town of Sayer, Pennsylvania, a small community in Bradford County established in 1891. The snapshots depict the road trip from Boston, the experience at the local diner, visit at the old factory building, and the trip east at night with the sunset in the mirror.
It is important to take snapshots in order to document your experiences. Existing is a wonderful gift, and we should document it like every day matters.
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